What is a C#

C# is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language. C# is open source, simple, modern, flexible, and versatile. In this article, let’s learn what C# is, what C# can do, and how C# is different than C++ and other programming languages.

A programming language on computer science is a language that is used to write software programs.

C# is a programming language developed and launched by Microsoft in 2001. C# is a simple, modern, and object-oriented language that provides modern-day developers flexibility and features to build software that will not only work today but will be applicable for years in the future.

Key characteristics of C# language include:
  1. Modern and easy
  2. Fast and open source
  3. Cross-platform
  4. Safe
  5. Versatile
  6. Evolving

C# is modern and easy

C# is a simple, modern, and an object-oriented programming language. The purpose of C# was to develop a programming language that is not only easy to learn but also supports modern-day functionality for all kinds of software development.
If you look at the history of programming languages and their features, each programming language was designed for a specific purpose to solve a specific need at that time.
C# language, however, was designed to keep business and enterprise's needs in mind. C# language was designed for businesses to build all kinds of software by using one single programming language.
C# provides functionality to support modern-day software development. C# supports Web, Mobile, and app development needs. Some of the modern-day programming languages feature C# supports are generics, var types, auto initialization of types and collections, lambda expressions, dynamic programming, asynchronous programming, tuples, pattern matching, advanced debugging and exception handling, and more.
C# language syntaxes are influenced by C++, Java, Pascal and a few other languages that are easy to adopt. C# also avoids complexity and unstructured language features.

C# is fast and open source

C# is open source under the .NET Foundation, which is governed and run independently of Microsoft. C# language specifications, compilers, and related tools are open source projects on Github. While C# language feature design is lead by Microsoft, the open-source community is very active in language development and improvements.
C# is fast compare to several other high-level programming languages. C# 8 has many performance improvements.

C# is cross-platform

C# is a cross-platform programming language. You can build .NET applications that can be deployed on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. C# apps can also be deployed in the cloud and containers.

C# is safe and efficient

C# is a type-safe language. C# does not allow type conversions that may lead to data loss or other problems. C# allows developers to write safe code. C# also focuses on writing efficient code.
Here is a list of some of the key concepts in C# that helps write safe and efficient code.
  • Unsafe typecasting is not allowed.
  • Nullable and non-nullable types are supported in C#.
  • Declare a readonly struct to express that a type is immutable and enables the compiler to save copies when using in parameters.
  • Use a ref read-only return when the return value is a struct larger than IntPtr.Size and the storage lifetime is greater than the method returning the value.
  • When the size of a readonly struct is bigger than IntPtr.Size, you should pass it as an in parameter for performance reasons.
  • Never pass a struct as an in parameter unless it's declared with the readonly modifier because it may negatively affect performance and could lead to an obscure behavior.
  • Use a ref struct, or a read-only ref struct such as Span<T> or ReadOnlySpan<T> to work with memory as a sequence of bytes.

C# is versatile

C# is a Swiss army knife. While most programming languages were designed for a specific purpose, C# was designed to.

C# is evolving

C# 8.0 is the latest version of C#. If you look at C# language history, C# is evolving faster than any other language. Thanks to Microsoft and a strong community support. C# was initially designed to write Windows client applications but today, C# can do pretty much anything from console apps, cloud apps, and modern machine learning software.

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